Our consulting practice is lead by Principal Consultant Kito D. Mann, specializing in enterprise application architecture, training, development, and mentoring. Kito is also the editor-in-chief of, co-host of the Enterprise Java Newscast, and the author of JavaServer Faces in Action (Manning). Mann has participated in several Java Community Process expert groups (including JSF and Portlets) and is also an internationally recognized speaker. He holds a BA in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.

Areas of Focus

We have extensive experience building enterprise web applications with Java EE (JSF, CDI, EJB, JAX-RS, JPA, etc.), PrimeFaces, HTML5 Web Components, Polymer, portlets, Liferay, and related technologies, targeting both desktop and mobile devices. Our core languages are Java and JavaScript, although we're fans of other languages such as Scala and Groovy. We are strong proponents of open source solutions, but also work with commercial products where it makes sense.


Training - professional, customized on-premises or remote training in our areas of focus. See the training page for more information.

Mentoring - customized mix of training and on-site or remote work directly with your team, helping them work through problems, develop solutions, and establish best practices.

Architecture - we work with you to create scalable architectures for entire systems or subsystems, develop best practices and standards, and help with development processes and tools (agile practices, version control, continuous integration, etc.). We also perform architectectural and code reviews, and help establish coding standards.

Development - high-quality, unit/integration-tested, documented code built to meet your organization's needs. We are particularly familiar with developing core framework functionality, including custom UI components.

Project Kickstart - initial scaffolding, tools, best practices, standards, plus architecture and mentoring (if required).

Troubleshooting - deep analysis of specific issues that are disrupting your project.

Performance Tuning - a holistic look at your JavaServer Faces (including PrimeFaces, RichFaces, ICEfaces, etc.) application to determine where the bottlenecks are and provide solutions for fixing them.

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